Tuesday, December 30, 2014

things to work on in 2015 :)

1. get up at 5:30am every day. watch the sunrise.
2. after the sunrise, run for a full hour. (don't care about distance or speed, just enjoy it)
3. do homework for an hour a day
4. write more
5. read more
6. call my parents more
7. receive compliments better
8. lift weights (at least) 5 times a week
9. never skip church
10. stick to daily devotions
11. read the Bible every day with grant
12. give compliments more
14. learn to feel beautiful without make up
15. focus on the important things
16. be kind to strangers
17. break my habit of picking my nails
18. serve others
19. learn to love myself and all my flaws
20. forgive others
21. go to God with all of my struggles
22. share the word
23. find myself (wear things i want to wear)
24. become more involved in college
25. feel more comfortable in my skin
26. make an effort to hang out with old friends
27. love more deeply
28. embrace my talents
29. make more friends
30. don't be jealous
31. listen more
32. stick to my morals

hope you all make some resolutions for the upcoming year to hold yourself accountable! i'm proud of you all for making it another year.

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