Tuesday, March 10, 2015

life update!!! :)

hi everyone! sorry it's been such a long time since i got back to blogging (college really is as hectic as it's cracked up to be!) but there's no need to fret- i have multiple blog ideas saved in my drafts i will be getting to soon! i simply haven't had as much time as i'd like to just sit down and relax, and the times i've had i've spent in the Bible or calling my parents or homework- important things like that! :) but things are slowing down and i will get around to posting more often again soon! this friday i leave for florida but after this upcoming week my schedule is free to write which i'm so happy about!!! 
things have been going well lately! after so many months of going downwards, things are finally looking up! all of my classes are going well and i'm halfway done with this semester! just a few things i'd like to address in this short post!
1. i covet your prayers as i officially have begun my registration for the world race! the world race is a 9 month mission trip in which i would be traveling to 3 separate countries: thailand, south africa, and nicaragua. obviously taking a year off from college is a big deal. i have been praying about this for months, and truly believe this is where i am being led by God. i have grown closer to Him than i ever thought possible since my accident, but it is not enough to quench my thirst to live for Christ. i want to leave my comfort zone and enter a 9 month period of worship. this gap program will allow me to leave september of 2015 and return june of 2016. there are multiple technical things and applications i have to fill out and would appreciate any good energy or prayers my way throughout this hectic process!!!! thank you all in advance! this is a very big decision, probably the biggest i've ever made and i've been seeking council with pastors from churches and older people i love and respect. with that being said, most of my time and energy nowadays is focused around this trip. i'll put up a post whenever i get an answer!
"is your heart so filled with love for God that you are watching for the first opportunity to say with Isaiah, 'here i am, send me.'"
2. with spring break right around the corner, you can be expecting another post on self-love! loving yourself purely and completely can be difficult and especially hard during vacations when you can't even check social media for 2 minutes without seeing a picture of a girl in a bathing suit. (DISCLAIMER: there's nothing wrong with that!!!!! if you got it, flaunt it!) however, this can be a hardship to those that struggle with insecurity as severe as i do. therefore, i'm expecting my next post to be tips on how to get through this spring break season! :)
3. i want to sincerely and genuinely thank you all from the bottom of my heart. why am i thanking you, in particular, might you be wondering? yes, you. reading this. thank you. it is because of my readers that i have recently noticed i have gotten over
10,000 page views on this blog!!!!
this is a huge deal to me and as an aspiring writer really encourages me to continue following my dreams. so thank you all for reading!!! and thank you for the feedback you guys give me. compliments go a long way with me! i hope you all have a happy wednesday tomorrow and expect to be hearing from me soon!  

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