Saturday, June 27, 2015

♡swim suit fashion!♡

today i wore a vintage floral swimsuit that was passed down to me since i was young topped off with a messy top knot bun w/ bandana! 
(sorry i don't have the sourcing but a few cute places i like to shop for suits is forever 21, dillards, target & pac sun!)

no matter the reason for your swim suit choice, a one piece is always a classy choice! you can dress it up to be sexy (open back, open seams) or modest depending on your style.
you can also wear jewerly with your one piece to add dimension to your look- bracelets, necklaces, head pieces and ankle bracelets are some of my favs!
a tip i have for adding jazz to your one piece is picking the least used color in your suit and adding an accessory to make it pop! aka my green bandana to bring out the leaves in my dress! this technique makes your outfit seem much more put together.
 one pieces are great for so many reasons! one pieces are easy and never need re-adjusting throughout the day. just grab one, put it on, and don't worry about it falling off for the rest of your fun in the sun! one pieces also give you less exposure to the sun, which is good if you're out and about often to let your skin breathe! 
one pieces are great for people that are insecure about their body, mainly for the reason that it covers most of you while still being a swim suit. however, even if you are confident in your body, one pieces are actually very flattering without being flashy like normal skimpy bikinis! i love a good ole one piece every once in a while. 
 whatever the reason for your choice to wear a bathing suit, own it! all bodies look equally beautiful in bikinis, tankinis and one pieces regardless of shape, color, or size!!!

ps- i will actually be selling a bunch of my old clothes (including swim suits) soon so be on the look out to buy for great prices!

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