Thursday, October 8, 2015


HI BEAUTIES!♡ so one of the most commonly asked questions//compliments i receive is about my hair. so this long awaited post will give you all the inside info on my hair + what it really took to get it bleach blonde! :)


how i got it: "how do you get your hair so long?" is something everyone with long hair gets asked. and as much as i wish i could reveal a secret to how i got my long hair, the answer really is as simple as having the patience to grow it out! most people tend to get super antsy when their hair is growing out and keep it trimmed, or get bored with their look and chop it off in an impulse. (which is awesome!!!!) however, this method wont work if you want to have long locks. i don't get my hair trimmed/split ends cut off but twice a year. all it really takes is patience to wait to have long hair! i'm extremely blessed at the rate that my hair grows. my hair grows fast compared to other people i've talked to, so growing it out wasn't a problem for me. ask your stylist if there are any products you can take to enhance hair growth if you are struggling!

pros/cons of long hair: i've had long hair as long as i can remember, and i love it. however, there are downsides to everything. so here are a couple of frustrating things about long hair that most people don't take into consideration. drying it. ugh. drying long hair is probably the biggest hassle. i prefer showering at night and as soon as i get out of the shower, i go to bed with my hair wet. most mornings when i wake up, my hair (mostly the back) will still be dripping wet, no exaggeration. this makes life difficult because of the fact that i almost always need time in advance (like a whole day) to get ready for events if i want my hair to look decent. also blow-drying doesn't work either. firstly, blow-drying takes an eternity and a half. secondly, after my hair is blow-dried i look like a lion out of  a zoo. at least for me, blow-drying makes my hair extremely frizzy, added to the fact that it's unhealthy for your hair! (which you will try to avoid if you want long, healthy hair!) other cons is that long hair can be a handful (literally). it's a lot to deal with and takes a chunk of your time styling it. curling//straightening my hair usually takes 30 minutes. however, long hair can be awesome. there isn't any hair style that you can't  do. i can throw it all up on top of my head, braid it, leave it down, put it in a pony, almost anything. long hair is fun because of all the many styles you can find to do with it. :)


straightening my hair: for straightening my hair, i just use a normal chi and set it to 250 degrees. i try not to straighten it too often just because of how harsh the temperature//heat can be!

curling my hair: i have multiple different curling irons. none of them are name brand, i get most of them at places like target. i always use at least an inch and a half so that my curls will fall naturally.

other products: i use herbal essence shampoo and conditioner, and use it 3 times a week. after i get out of the shower, i always brush my hair completely out to get rid of any tangles. when you have long hair like me, tangles can get pretty messy, so i squirt a couple sprays of "7 seconds" spray into my hair that you can find at most salons.


how i style my hair: i almost always wear a middle part on my hair. it's super easy and manageable + i'm a huge fan of middle parts because i think they look boho. most days i don't do anything to my hair. for special events, i either straighten, curl, or a little of both. my go to hair style for special events (formals, date night, nice parties) is parting my hair on the side and straightening it all the way through. then, i go back and curl the ends. i do this so that the top of my head looks straight and soft and that the bottom has loose curls falling from it.


dyeing my hair: i've dyed my hair a number of times in my life. i love the ability i have to change my color with the season. with that being said, my natural color is a chocolate brown. i have dyed it dark//black every winter for the past 4 years. and this past summer, i actually dyed it bleach blonde. here are the pictures//steps i had to take to get to my blonde locks:

natural color: my natural color is a chocolate brown with subtle highlights
dark color: i do this around fall time to match the season + fall colors! (this is my personal favorite hair color) it's close to black but not exactly! 

first step to going blonde: the first step i took was an ombre. i wanted to get the ends lightened, but keep my roots the same. this ended up dyeing most of my hair a lighter shade of brown

which soon after turned to orange.. with very dark roots (yikes!)

second step to going blonde: i went and picked up bleach from target and ended up re-bleaching my own hair to cancel out most of the orange and to give me an overall blonde look (still keeping my roots) 

third step: i was finally to the point where my hair was light enough to be turned blonde all over! i went to my hair stylist at home and got it professionally done at a salon called goulds. + i also added layers to add some more depth to my hair

last step- PLATINUM! : after getting my whole head bleached and dyed (for the 3rd time), my hair continued to get lighter instead of orange. i went on vacation soon after getting it done which gave me a lot of sun time, which ultimately gave me the bleach blonde!

back to brown: and after i had been damaging my hair for 6 straight months and after i had achieved the platinum blonde look, i took a step back into reality and realized i needed to give my hair time to breathe again. so i went and got it dyed back a light shade of brown
on the way to salon:
 after salon:

fading brown: since my hair had turned so light and had so many rounds of bleach, the brown faded quickly to a dirty blonde//very light shade of brown. 

if any of you have any other questions about my hair- feel free to ask! also, if you would be interested in me starting up a youtube and creating hair + make up tutorials, let me know! thanks all so much for reading♡♡♡


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the progression of color; it's amazing how uniquely beautiful a different shade can bring to your look. I, too, enjoy changing up my hair color over time and mine seems to mimic a lot of these pictures (though, not nearly as long!). Love them all. Since I'm at the bleached-out/platinum stage now - with rich brown roots emerging - I am searching for something softer. Yours is SO nice with the faded brown. I HAD to thank you! Jesus is the best!

    1. thanks so much for your sweet comment!!! changing your hair can be so easy and fun!!!!

  2. Make a YouTube