Thursday, November 19, 2015


hi guys!!!! so after much thought, i've decided to make a tumblr!!! i've been wanting a separate link on my blog for the longest time to link you guys to my other sites and this seems like the perfect opportunity!

what you'll see on my tumblr:
photos of me aka my portfolio
photos i've taken
little inspirational quotes
+ (kinda scary) buuuuuut also linked on my tumblr is an "ask me" section! you can go there if you have any feedback on my blogs and you can even click anonymous if you feel uncomfortable showing your name! so if you've ever had questions//concerns about my writing but didnt feel comfortable messaging me, here's your chance! (please no negativity- it will NOT be posted!)

soooooo.. go give it a look! i'll be posting pictures of myself in the near future! feel free to ask me questions or tell me what you want to see me write about!

follow me!!!-

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