Sunday, June 19, 2016

FATHERS DAY / CHURCH OOTD : mid length skirt + braided updo

before i start, i just wanted to say happy fathers day to all the daddies out there that make life so worth living. and happy fathers day especially to the best dad in the world that i'm lucky enough to call my own. i've been blessed beyond belief with my dad that has always supported me, helped me (even when it's for hours on a history test i still failed over and over again in highschool.. whoops) challenged me, loved my uniqueness, and helped me learn to love myself. so thank you dad for being such a wonderful person to look up to. you (and your humor) put all the other dads to shame. thanks for making life infinitely more fun, and never being afraid to make a funny face with me. i love having you as my dad.

HI BABES! since today is fathers day, i decided to dress up a lil more for church!

what i'm wearing :
shirt - a black bodysuit i've had since i was in lower school.. literally. just plain black
skirt - kohls, $30
shoes - wet seal, $25
purse - goodwill 2 years ago, around $10

my hair :
since the temperatures have been climbing lately in memphis, i decided to put my locks up to stay a little cooler. i haven't been putting any extra heat on my hair this summer (curling iron, straightener, blow dryer) so i just keep my hair natural every day. i threw it up in a messy ponytail, while keeping my bangs down in my face. after i had secured the pony, i brought the first layer of my bangs back and braided on both sides and secured with bobby pins.

my make up :
i did an extra smokey eye today with my palette from target thats SEVEN BUCKS. and great pigmentation! it's called cover girl tru naked goldens! 

if you're wanting a youtube video on a tutorial of this hair or make up look, tell me! (links at bottom of post)

Friday, June 17, 2016


it's another ootd!! (outfit of the day)

what i'm wearing :
shirt (bodysuit) - army green bodysuit from free people, $28
shorts - tj maxx, $10
shoes - wet seal, $25 (i think)
sunglasses - hobby lobby, $4

lately i've been super into the army green/grey colors. i'm also loving the bodysuits fp has been selling. since they are on the expensive side, i usually try to simply window shop and hold off from buying anything in there. however, i don't mind splurging every once in a while and buying an item i know i can make versatile and use in various ways.

with that being said, after months of looking and not getting, i finally decided to purchase the body suit and am extremely happy with it!!! body suits can be worn in so many different ways. in my outfit today, i paired the tight top with loose fitting shorts that appear as a skirt. usually when i have on a tight top, i try to contrast it with a loose bottom. and to bring out the black in my shorts, i paired it with cute little booties i bought a while ago. i added a pop of white on top of my head with cheap sunglasses i found at hobby lobby. (i swear that place is a gold mine.)

here are some photos of my entire outfit! i hope you all enjoy! if you like my OOTD posts, let me know so i can make some more!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


i've recently re-done my room and wanted to share the results with you all. so if you're interested in how i transformed my room and details + tips and tricks of how i got it to look so different (for a cheap price!) then keep reading ♡

my room before was very cluttered and messy, without any real sense of style. i had tons of posters strung up on my walls and no depth in my room, so i decided to make a change.
before :
after :
what i did -- i took down all of my posters, and put my posts back on my bed to add some height and depth to the room to see when you first walk in. i bought new bedding and pillows from steinmart. (TONS of super cute stuff for a good price!!) i added neutral accessories and night stands on either sides of my bed to further the look i was going for.

the paintings above my bed i did myself, which helped save a lot of money instead of buying wall art.
i had this white pillow previously, but wanted to customize it a little bit with my new color scheme. so i bought burlap and tied a bow around it for a new look!
i also already had the blue pillow in the middle, however it was plain blue and i wanted a pop of my off-white color, so i tied a flower headband around it! (don't judge me because of my stuffed animals. i'm five years old at heart.)
to the left side of my bed, i had dad install a shelf so that i could add some pictures and accessories on my plain wall. i also simply put a white blanket i already had over my chair so that it would look more casual. 

on the other side of my bed, i went with simple accessories and recycled a lamp my mom used to have and switched out the lamp shade. i stacked some books and added a cute little accessory to add some character.

we took apart a 3 part room divider my mom had (from hobby lobby) to add on both sides of my bed to add some extra height to the sides of my bed, and to also bring out some of the darker colors in my room.

to the side of my bed is a little corner with a window seat that i stuck a twin size bed in, with matching bedding. i also have a long mirror propped against my window because that is where i prefer to put on my make up (which i hide behind the mirror) because of the natural light.

with my desk, i stayed with my theme of neutrals and added some more black into the mix. i accessorized my desk with some of my painted canvases,  photos, plants, an open marilyn monroe magazine, books, journals and little accessories i found at hobby lobby.

for my back wall and dresser, i put up 2 black and vintage white posters and once again added a canvas i had made, a frame i made, books, and little accessories!

and thats it! most of the accessories i used i either made, recycled from my mom, or bought for cheap! my favorite stores for crafts and accessories for room design are stein mart, michaels, hobby lobby and target! if you have any specific questions on where i got something / wanna buy a canvas from me, ask me on :) :)