Tuesday, July 26, 2016

a little about me...

Hi loves! My name is Mallory Frances Beale and I'm currently attending college as a Junior at Samford University with a major in Journalism and a minor in English. Within this blog, you'll find the passions of my life, most of with start with f - faith, fashion, feminism, fitness... and other topics that don't start with the letter f. My mantra is ever onward, which you can read about here. Ever since I was little I've dreamed of being a writer, and I can't help but shake that my purpose in this life is to let others hear my voice.... or read my words.

where it all began...

I was brought into this world on November 13, 1995. My hometown is Memphis, Tennessee. My parents both grew up in Memphis, and their parents grew up in Memphis, so I grew up in Memphis (Go Grizz). I was raised in a strong, Christian home with my parents and older brother. My parents used to teach my Sunday School class at my church, and I'm thankful that from birth loving God was always the number one goal. My mom is my best friend and soulmate, and I don't say (write) that lightly. I call her Charlie for reasons that I have forgotten which is a bit strange, but even stranger that she calls me Charlie in return, and that we both can't remember why. My mom is a fellow INFJ, the most loyal best friend I could ever ask for, and my laughter partner in crime. Chances are, if you see me and my mom together, we'll be trying to catch our breath laughing at something that no one else understands. My dad is the hardest worker I know, someone every young man should want to be like. He is furiously funny, eternally helpful, and wickedly smart. My dad owns his own business, and he's taught me from a very young age what working hard should look like. My brother is 3 years older than me, and he never seems to stop telling me that. He's one of the most intelligent people I know, with one of the most immature humors. He believes in the power of debating, hates Papa Johns with a passion ("because who calls themselves Papa??") and is always up for a good impression. I went to a small private school my whole life, and have been blessed enough to grow up in a home full of laughs and lots and lots of love. I'm a huge family oriented girl, and always have been. My parents have always believed in me, always encouraged me, and always taught me how to love Jesus with my whole heart. 

I was saved when I was young, and it happened on my bed with my mom saying a little prayer alongside me. I couldn't comprehend what that day would mean to me later in life. So, I've basically been a Christian my whole life. Like I said, I'm one of the lucky ones (or should I say blessed) that I grew up in an area where I could talk about God and ask questions and learn more about him. However, I didn't take my faith into my own hands until I was in middle school, where I got baptized in eighth grade. Even then, I knew I was a Christian and that I loved God, but I wasn't quite mature enough to know how to have a real relationship with God. Junior year of high school I went through a tough time in my life, and it forced me to turn to the Lord. I remember walking around my room trying to find my Bible, because let's be honest, I never actually read it besides at church. But that night, when I was 16 and heartbroken, I opened scripture. God spoke to me that night and opened my eyes to a whole new life with Him at the center. My relationship with God has grown exponentially since then. I chose a small, Christian college to go to after I graduated high school. Once again, I feel so blessed to be able to go places and learn and grow in an environment that puts Jesus first.

they used to call me "dog girl" in elementary school...

I'm a huge animal lover, and not in the cliche way. I think about my future dogs in the ways that normal people think about their future kids - I already have them named, and I love them even thought they don't exist yet. Being an animal lover has kind of always been an unique characteristic of mine. In almost all of my old diaries when I was a kid, whenever the diary asked me what my best talent was, I would write "I am the biggest animal lover in the world" and it rings even truer with each passing day. When I was little, whenever my class went to the school library, I would check out the same book every single week - "Dog Breeds 101". There are countless stories of me shedding tears (some funny, and some not so funny) over my undying love for animals. I love everything about animals - how pure they are, how they're always they're for you, how they can never seem to get enough of you. I really do have a huge heart for animals, and I would love to pursue that passion with some sort of volunteer work in the upcoming years. Below is my families dog that we rescued from a shelter, Scrappy!  We also have two cats whom walked up to our house as strays, Emmy and Canoli.

the boy behind the "him" in my writings...

I have a wonderful boyfriend, Grant, which I have been with since October 18, 2014. Me and Grant met the second month of college through mutual friends. My life long best friend Chandler was with me the first time I met Grant, and after we left the room she turned to me and said "you're going to date him" and I guess she was right. A week after meeting, G (a nickname I use for him) asked me to be his girlfriend, and a month after that he told me he loved me. We've been together ever since. He treats me like a princess every single day, brings me cookie dough when I'm sad, (because if cookie dough can't fix it, then what can?) tells me I'm beautiful even when I know I'm not, and most importantly, walks in the Lord with me. We try (and fail a lot of times) to keep God at the center of our relationship. A quote that rings true with me is the one that goes "Dance with God and He will let the perfect man cut in." I met Grant at a time in my life where I wasn't even looking for something, especially not the first few months of college. I had hesitations and doubts and more breakdowns than I'd like to admit about commitment, but Grant pursued me all the same. I have been blessed exponentially with the man that Grant is, and I pray I get to continue to be blessed by him for the rest of my life.

I love messy hair and sunsets and nail polish and rings and animals and art galleries and holding hands and Lana Del Rey and a good eyeliner wing and journals and traveling and documentaries and funnel cakes and painting and oversized sweaters and lifting weights and feminism and writing and videography and the ocean and books and conspiracy theories and dark hair and plants and cheesy horror movies and moose tracks ice cream and nature and interior design and body positivity and forehead kisses and the color blue and volleyball and autumn and vitamin water and make up and running and the cold side of the pillow and bohemian style and worship songs and mexican food and beards and thrift stores and rap music and photographs and pointed nails and nose rings and crazy socks and young love and carnivals and tan lines and spoken word poetry and painting and weight lighting and white sheets and the smell of wet dog and thunder storms and riding with the windows down and cheetah print and youtube videos and freckles and hand written letters.

Putting my thoughts into literature has always been my therapy of choice, and I have a passion for reaching others with my words, so feel free to stay a while! 

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