Friday, July 22, 2016

LIFE UPDATE - half a year after deleting social media

i officially deleted my social media over 5 months ago now. and as much as i would love to say that my life has dramatically changed and that i wake up every day with a smile on my face, i can't say that. however, i can say that i've noticed a difference in my life over the past 5 months. there haven't been huge differences, but there have been a few.

first, my relationship with the lord has grown. social media was an outlet where i got complimented and where i found a lot of my identity. so once that was taken away, and i wasn't getting comments inflating my ego, i had to quickly find a new source of encouragement. i've found, with the lack of social media, that there are many more important things than being mentioned in a comment. i've found that no human compliment can suffice me, and that i don't want them to. i no longer want to be known as the "prettiest girl"or the "coolest girl" or the "most popular girl", i want to be known as the girl whose heart is set on fire for jesus. i find time now to begin every day, and end every day, reading scripture. instead of laying in bed scrolling through pictures, i'm reading god's word. and man that feels good. way better than any like or comment.

throughout the lack of social media, i've become more confident. i'm not constantly staring at girls with size 0 waists and double d bra cups. and it's amazing how used to seeing those images i was. i've learned to become more comfortable in my skin without comparison to others. i'm beginning to love the skin that god put me in, and beginning to realize that i am made in his image, and that is enough for me.

and last but not least, i've found time to do things that matter. i'm not attached at the hip to my phone anymore. i don't pout if i don't get a perfect picture for instagram. i've become much more intentional with my relationships. instead of checking someone's profile to see what they've been up to, i actually ASK THEM. what a crazy idea, right? looking back, it's astounding to me how my brain was dependent on so many different things on social media. however, after half a year, i've decided to come back on facebook. now that i've learned the ability to balance, and i know where my worth lies and where it doesn't, i'm ready to slowly come back to the world of social media. i'm not getting back twitter, instagram or snapchat because i don't want to backslide. i want to continue progressing to becoming a better woman in god alone, not gaining a bigger follower count.

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