Saturday, July 16, 2016

TRIP TO WASHINGTON, DC! (ootd, pics + youtube video)

i recently took a trip to none other than the nation's capital, washington DC, and was absolutely blown away by the amount of beautiful history and monuments to geek out over! me and my boyfriend were in DC for 2 days (note to future self : 2 days is not nearly enough time to see everything DC has to offer) and visited monuments, art galleries, museums and more! we stayed with some of grant's relatives, who very kindly offered us their house and gave us a tour guide on the first day we were there! check out below some of the sights we visited!

SIDE NOTE - i also officially started up my youtube channel with an upload of my whole week long trip in virginia that you can check out here!!!! -

outfit details :
romper - forever 21, $25
hat - charlotte russe, $10
shoes - wellllll originally i had on new shoes from forever 21 for $30, but from all the walking all day, i broke down and bought some $5 flip flops from DC. fashion hurts, and sometimes it isn't worth it.

to start the day, we began admiring some of the monuments!

we trekked over to the white house (the day after 4th of july) and it is an absolute must see. it's such a historic sight and incredible to see up close. 

next, we made our way to the renewick gallery, which i had been DYING to go to after researching it, and it did not disappoint! this was, by far, my favorite place we went to with so many interest sculptures and sights.

(these are all NOTECARDS. NOTE. CARDS.)

this sculpture made to look like a pillow was made entirely out of marble!

(and these are all negatives from a camera. A- MAZING.)

we finished our (long) day with a few more art galleries and museums!

(and this was quite possibly the coolest thing i saw all day. poor grant had to sit there, while i stared in awe of this for at least 5 minutes. WOMEN'S RIGHTS FTW.)

as a little girl, my favorite movie was always wizard of oz. i would beg my mom to put it on and every time she did i was glued to the television. seeing judy garland's slippers she wore during the movie was like a childhood dream coming true.

special thanks to grant for being my favorite photographer, fellow explorer, and best friend.

don't forget to check out my youtube channel to check out video footage from our trip!

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