Monday, November 7, 2016


so this past weekend me and grant went up to atlanta to spend a few days at his house! his sister lives in minnesotta so i had never met her before (i know! 2 whole years!) and she and her boyfriend, brooks, also came up this weekend! we all stayed at his house with his parents. since grant had baseball on friday and sunday, we only had one full day in georgia but we made the most of it!

we started out with breakfast at another broken egg with the whole family. (definite good place food brunch!) afterwards, we darted off to go to stone mountain! me and grant had hiked stone mountain before, 2 weeks in to dating, and we both say it's where we fell in love, so we were eager to go back! the weather was beautiful which made for a perfect hike!

on the way up, we stopped to carve our initials into a piece of the wall! 

like i said, the weather was beautiful (sunny and 65) so once we got to the top, we were exhausted and decided to sit and relax up there for a bit! if you look really closely, you can see the city in the background!

after we had caught our breath, we headed back down the mountain! grant had the idea to go to the georgia aquarium since he knows i love aquariums, so we drove to that. it was a little expensive to get in ($38 each) so i was a little hesitant about grant spending so much, but boy oh boy was it worth it. i'm always been a total geek for aquariums - i even wanted to be a marine biologist when i was younger, so this aquarium was heaven for me. its HUGE with tons of different sections to go into. me and grant felt like little kids again, walking around with our mouthes wide open! they had a huge variety of marine animals that we got to see up close and personal which was so cool.

me and grant LOVED all the huge open glass to look at the bigger animals through! you should have seen us, we were acting like we were 5 again! we saw a dolphin show and were amazed at how intelligent they were. how awesome is our God that he can create an animal that can do such difficult things??

grant wouldn't let me look at the map of the aquarium because he didn't want me to see what was in each section and he wanted to "save the best for last" haha! it was so cute! i was so excited when we walked into the last section because i knew whatever it was had to be cool and DANG was grant right! there was a massive wall that had all sorts of marine life, including a whale shark!!! ahhh my absolute favorite marine animal since i was a little girl! i squealed and grabbed his hand and practically pulled it off his arm leading him to the wall. we stayed there for probably 30 minutes in awe of all the fish and taking pictures. 

and here's a picture of my shadow kissing a stingray! ha!

to top it all off, to leave you had to walk through a tunnel of glass! this aquarium truly did live up to it's expectations. me and grant had an absolute blast walking around for hours on end. (side note- i couldn't get my hair to cooperate, so i kept throwing it up for certain pictures!)

once we left the aquarium and attempted to find our car in a huge parking garage, we had the spontaneous idea to adventure and walk to the top level and look at the city! atlanta is such a beautiful place. i'm so jealous grant got to grow up here!

after that we were EXHAUSTED, so we went and ate cheap mexican and called it a day. the next morning grant's mom cooked an early thanksgiving meal for everyone to celebrate together. turkey, stuffing, mashes potatoes, green beans, yum! also it was grant's sister's birthday weekend so we had cake and she opened her presents. although the weekend was short, me and grant packed a lot into a little amount of time (which we seem to always do whenever we've traveled..) thanks for reading! hope y'all enjoyed this travel diary! if you ever make it to atlanta - be sure to spend some money on the aquarium! take my word for it, it's worth it! ;)

what i wore :
stone mountain :
shorts - nike, discontinued
tank top- gap
sweatshirt around waist - bass pro shops (ha!)
shoes - nike
aquarium :
white undershirt : goodwill find
black tank : urban outfitters
black skirt : free people
shoes : charlotte russe booties bought 2 years ago 

SPECIAL THANKS to this sweet boy of mine for taking me home with him, paying for my aquarium ticket, having the patience to fix the lighting on my camera and take pictures of me all day, and as always, for making life so fun.

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