Friday, December 23, 2016

for the love of ruffles... ZARA in NYC

One of the biggest suggestions we had gotten to shop at was Zara. So one of the last days in the city, me and my mom decided to see for ourselves how great it really was and it sure did not disappoint! The store is full of high quality clothing with low end prices. Some of the outfits were a bit out of my price range, but for the most part, everything was quite affordable! I bought these cute detailed flare jeans and the ruffled top in Zara, with a couple of other purchases! It is without a doubt one of my new favorite stores. 

SHIRT - zara
JEANS - zara
SHOES - h&m last year


Hi lovelies! A fashion statement I've been loving lately is funky prints like animal print! It seems everywhere I go, I see a lady rocking the long cheetah coat! I love that animal prints are coming back into style- I love the way it looks against pretty much any color. For today's outfit, I paired a long cheetah over coat with neutral colored layers!  During the day, we visited the Flat Iron Building and went to the Top of the Rock! The view was incredible at sunset, and I even got to be a photographer for a proposal! How cool is that?? The temperatures dropped throughout the day, so I added layers later into the night!

SHIRT - waffle knit thermo from outdoors
PANTS - macys
GLOVES - target
SHOES - h&m
BROWN COAT - brandy melville
GREY COAT - target


Hi everyone! This past week, me and my sweet momma went to New York City for a girls trip! We had never been to the city during Christmas time, so we were both able to check it off our bucket list! We were only there for 4 days, but wow I am exhausted! As soon as our feet hit the ground in the mornings, it seemed as if we didn't stop until the wee hours of the night! We packed A TON of activities into those 4 days, and it was a blast! 
In this little post, I'm going to show y'all one of my favorite style ideas to wear! I hate the term "girly girl", but I have always enjoyed things like make up, fashion, pink, etc. However, throughout the years, my style has evolved and now nearly half of my closet is black! My favorite colors to wear are are usually neutrals. So, how do I combine my love of all things soft with my other side of loving grunge? 
I adore the look of combining the two! Often times, if I'm wearing all black, I love added a pink fluff to my look to add some dimension. For our first day in NYC, I went with some black thigh boots (which are arguably my favorite fashion trend of 2016- perfect with any outfit!), camo grunge pants, and topped it off with a light fluffy sweater! 

BOOTS - target
PANTS - macy's
SWEATER -walmart (not even kidding! who cares about designer? not me!)
OVER COAT - target last year