Wednesday, January 4, 2017

the naming rights to the universe

*this blog post was inspired by a man much more intelligent than i, pastor cole huffman. this post is based off my interpretation of his latest sermon at first evangelical christian church, located in memphis tennessee. if you're in the memphis area and looking for a church, try out first evan!

auto-zone park. wrigley field. capital one orange bowl.

what do all of these things have in common?

they're examples of naming rights.

naming rights is when a corporation purchases the right to name a facility or event.

sometimes, the company may be lousy.

sometimes something happens where the company may be ashamed to be working with the facility that they have chosen.

but that doesn't matter because they have the rights to it, and own it.

 let me put something into perspective for you -

Jesus has the naming rights of the universe.

this world may be lousy, but Jesus owns it.

things happen every day that make Jesus ashamed of this world,

but He has chosen us.

He's never failed, and He wont start now.

Jesus has the right to every little thing we can think of.

He owns every planet

every star

every continent

every state

every city

every county

every person

every leaf 

every drop of water

He owns it all.

everyone is in God's arena.

so let me ask you something -

why do we doubt Him?

why are we afraid He will forget us?

let us down?

not hear us?

we are the property of Jesus Christ -

He has made us in His image.

why do we focus on what we don't have, 

and obsesses over what we could gain one day...

when we already know what we have

that we cannot lose?

God does not make mistakes.

He has started a good work in us and will carry it to completion (Philippians 1:6)

God will not let us down

or forget us

or give up on us.

God has the naming rights of the universe,

not only that,

but He knows how many hairs are on your head.

He cares for us

loves us

cherishes us.

It has been his arena all along.

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