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I LIVE LOVED, and you can too.

i've always been an "in-between" type of girl. i've never fit into just 1 group. whether it be high school, sororities, or friend groups-- i've always been that girl that didnt quite fit 1 mold. and bible studies are no exception.

i've always wanted a different type of bible study. one that lets me be myself, but also helps me grow. one that lets me put my walls down, but doesn't encourage me in my sin. one that teaches me the things  i want to know-- real life issues that college girls struggle with. one that doesn't stray away from the hard topics. one that, above all, points me to Jesus and His truths every week. and i've never found that-- so i'm creating it.

i am thrilled to announce that i am launching my very own women's bible study, liveloved! this bible study will be for samford university- inviting women of all different areas of life. 

my goal, my hope, my prayer for liveloved (LL) is that it will be a time where each week, young women from all different areas of life, can gather together and study not what the world teaches, but what God has taught. 

so, what does live loved mean? i believe that we are all loved by the King of the universe, far above what we know or understand. once we begin to realize we are loved, and are able to start to grasp just how much Jesus loves us- we are able to love ourselves, love others, and most importantly, love God more passionately.

if you know me at all, i'm not the most outgoing person. i thrive in small group settings-- speaking deeply, listening intimately. talking closely. and that's what i want for liveloved. i want LL to be a place where girls can come and share their struggles, engage in conversations, and most importantly, learn about their Savior. whether it be 5 girls or 500 (in my dreams), i want LL to be a place where you feel as if you're in that tight knit group setting. i want it to feel relaxed, intimate, and special. continue reading if you want to learn more about how Jesus put LL on my heart, or skip to the bottom for details on how you can be apart of liveloved bible study!


i was on a plane, 36,000 feet above the air, when God first put LL on my heart. i was passing the time on a 3 hour flight reading one my favorite books, the shack. (if you haven't already, i highly recommend reading.) as i was reading, i came across a line where God is giving someone advice on how to live. the line was 4 words and simply stated, "learning to live loved." as my eyes swept over those words, something deep inside of me felt peace. i decided to keep reading for a few minutes, but my mind kept wandering off to "live loved. " i immediately recognized that it was God speaking with me, giving me a calling.

 if you know me, i've been a blogger for almost 4 years now, and i've been praying for the Lord to lead me in whatever direction He chooses for this blog. and once i read live loved, i had my answer. the wheels immediately started turning in my mind, and the second i got home, i got out a notebook and started brainstorming. with "live loved" in the center, i started scribbling ideas for my brand. things like- instagram account, blog ideas, t shirts all started flowing from my pen to my paper, before i could even think about them. one of the things i wrote was "bible study" before i quickly moved on to the next category. it wasn't until a few days later that i would realize how important that idea was.

the journal page from the night i started brainstorming
a few days later, going back through my notes, i skimmed over what ideas i had written down. 2 little exclamation marks caught my eye, the only punctuation on the page. they were written after bible study. i chuckled to myself. 'yeah right, bible study.' although i was the one that had written it, i had never actually thought that i could lead a bible study. at least, now right now. it's my goal to be able to make a career out of encouraging women in Biblical ways and going to speaking conferences to talk to girls.. but right now? i mean, its me! i get nervous when i have to present a project in front of my class! how could i lead a group of women in God's word? but i turned my self-doubting into prayer, and decided to begin a prayer journal that night. because i'm a writer, i've often kept prayer journals to help me sort out my thoughts, but i made an entirely new one for LL. i wanted this journal to be specifically for God's plan for my life, and guidance for me to know what to do with all this information coming at me. 

and let me tell you, pray without ceasing has taken on a whole new meaning to me since that journal started. i have prayed, and prayed, and prayed for God to lead me in the direction that He wants LL to go. part of me wanted for the answer to be 'no, you don't need to start a bible study right now' because if i'm being honest, it's out of my comfort zone. i don't want to have more responsibilities than necessary for my senior year. and the thought of standing in front of women and leading them in scripture is terrifying to me. but i prayed for God to lead me, and he did. He led me here. He led me to take a step of faith. to trust Him and His timing. He led to me start liveloved.

the thing i've been the most nervous about since i officially decided to start my own bible study was 'what if i fail.' or what if no girls show up. or what if it isn't as hipster christian beautiful as i expect it to be? what if liveloved doesn't stick, and isn't successful? and the only peace of mind i've found to these questions is from none other than God himself. he reminds me in romans 8:31 "what, then, shall we say in response to these things? if God is for us, who can be against us?" and once i put my selfish desires for LL aside-- only when i put aside my own pride, when i put aside my obsession with perfection- i realize that LL may not be all i've dreamed it up to be. it may not become my career, and maybe only 2 girls will show up. but God is for me, and sharing the goodness of His word is enough.


now, this part is to you. yes, you. i told you earlier that i started a prayer journal for LL. within it, i've prayed for peace to begin this journey, i've prayed for direction as for where to go with this ministry, and i've prayed for you. it might sound cliche, and it might sound crazy, but i whole heartily believe that God has placed you to read this for a reason. now i might not know you yet, or maybe i do. i may not have ever met you, but God knows every girl who will be at LL, and He knows if you are one of them. and i have been praying for you. i have been praying over every girl that will join my bible study from the very beginning. i've been praying for you every day. some days, i pray you will be encouraged. other days, i pray you will feel beautiful. and i pray that God would lead you to liveloved, and that you would take a chance on it. and He has, because you're here.

my prayer for you now is that you will have the courage to try something new with me. that you would take a step outside of your comfort zone and come along on this journey. that you wouldn't feel too "out of place" to come. that you would listen to God's want for you to become apart of fellowship with other girls that are wanting something a little bit different in a bible study. if any of what i have said has struck a chord with you, i pray you will have the desire to carry out your actions and join a new bible study, so you can learn just how loved you really are.

if you've read this far, i am so glad you did. i could not be more nervous, excited, and ready to get liveloved started! if you're like me and you've never found a bible study that felt just right, i would love it if you gave this a chance. it's going to be something new- (for you and for me!), and it has the opportunity to be something really special. it's going to be my first time leading- and i want it to be raw, real, and genuine meetings every. single. week. regardless if you're a freshman or a senior, a pastor's kid or a wandering believer, a sorority girl or an independent, you name it- you will be welcomed at liveloved. even if you're at a place where you don't consider yourself a believer-- this bible study is going to be about what you want to learn about- and you can hear more about that at our first meeting. ;) for now, dates and times are to be announced! i am trying to find a time that most girls will be free, since i know some of you will either be having rush practice, or going through rush. i am so excited to start this journey with you. once i have the times figured out, i will be posting it on my personal instagram and the LL account, as well as fliers spread out throughout campus. i will also be set up in ben brown a few days, so feel free to stop by and say hello! (i may or not bribe you with baked goods...) and spread the word! grab some gals, bring a blanket to sit on, and come prepared to build real, genuine community with women in Christ. i am looking so forward to our first meeting and i cannot wait to meet you!


when: TBA but i'm thinking mondays at 8
where: samford's quad

if you have any questions, you can reach me at :
personal instagram account-- mallorybeale
LL instagram account-- liveloveddd
cell-- 901-619-4316

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